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The Body Shop Glazed Apple Body Polish & Body Butter // Review

Hey beautiful, Christy here!

So a few weeks ago, I was in the city with Grace and another friend after watching Mocking Jay Part 1 (which was completely mind blowing, I cannot wait for part 2). One of the shops we wandered into on the way to the train station was The Body Shop. As soon as I walked in I noticed a new display of three Christmas scents Glazed Apple, Frosted Cranberry and Vanilla Brulee. I was instantly drawn to the extremely Christmassy looking packaging of the Glazed Apple and picked up the Body Butter tester. But it was empty! AND OUT OF STOCK? None the less, I smelt the empty container and fell in love. Okay, I’m not usually into fruity OR apple scents. But this was a whole new level of apple. I mean, please do not disregard this scent if you are not a fruity person because you may just love it just like I did! Anyway, I showed Grace how amazing it was and just last week two of the gifts she generously gave to me were the Glazed Apple Body Butter & Body Polish. I was over the moon and could not wait to put them on my bod.


First of all, the Glazed Apple Body Butter, I cannot get over how good it smells whenever I apply this product. But despite the delicious scent, it is an amazing product. It costs $23.95 for a 200ml tub of goodness which does run out quite quickly if you apply daily. However, I have often seen deals where you can buy  two for $40 which saves you a nice $8. One thing I love about The Body Shop is that alot of their products contain Community Fair Trade products. If you don’t know what Fair Trade is, don’t stress, I only found out a few weeks ago at school when learning about it. It’s basically an organisation which helps farmers in 70 countries receive more sustainable prices for their products and always receive the same (or more) amount of money no matter how their products sell. The Body Shop Body Butters are extremely rich and simply glide onto the skin and rub in so easily. They claim to have 24 hour hydration and definitely leave skin feeling softer, smoother and younger as soon as applied. I think this is a must have product, if the Glazed Apple is not the scent for you, definitely check out their wide range of other scents available, you will not be let down.


I have not personally tried any body scrubs or polishes from The Body Shop before now, but let me tell you, I was impressed when I did. First of all, how sleek is the packaging, I mean the design is so beautiful, and festive. As mentioned, I have the Body Polish in Glazed Apple which is the exact same scent as the Body Butter. Basically this product is what I use to exfoliate my skin (with exfoliating gloves) before fake tanning. The product is quite gentle and is not harsh on the skin, after use the skin feels very very clean and polished. Once again this product contains a Community Fair Trade product, which is honey. I do not use this a much as the Body Butter as I don’t exfoliate everyday, however, from the times I have used it, it is wonderful. It is a very easy product to use which can be used with an exfoliating glove, a loofah or just using your hands. I would definitely recommend this to anyone  who exfoliates regularly, especially if you fake tan like I do.


To sum it all up, I love The Body Shop, especially their skin care products and would suggest anybody who hasn’t tried anything from the brand definitely should. I think the prices you pay for these products are completely reasonable for the quality of products you receive, I also think these would be great Christmas gift ideas for any skincare lover out there. Also, to throw in, another of my fave scents from The Body Shop, and all time would have to be coconut, so check that out too!

What is your favourite product from The Body Shop? Please let me know, I would love to try out some new things from the brand which I have not already. & let me know if you would like to see a post on Community Fair Trade Products and where you can find them in your shops.

Until next timeChristy xx


ZOEVA Rose Golden Luxury Set ~ First Impressions

Hi lovelies! It’s Grace here.

Last week I received the “Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set” in the mail, and I’ve been very excited to do a first impression review on! These brushes are just a basic set of 8, and I’ll go through all of them with you.

  • The “106 Powder” is obviously used to apply loose and pressed powder
  • The “102 Silk Finish” is for applying and blending foundation
  • The “110 Face Shape” is for contouring the face shape with cream and powder products
  • The “127 Luxe Sheer Cheek” is used to apply powder and blush
  • The “142 Concealer Buffer” is for applying and blending concealer
  • The “227 Soft Definer” is used to softly blend and smooth eyeshadow
  • The “231 Petit Crease” is used to accentuate and blend in the crease
  • And last but not least, the “317 Wing Liner” is for detailed eyeliner strokes

On first impressions of the actual set without using anything I was amazed. You get the brushes in this beautiful high-quality clutch which could be used as a makeup bag or just a pouch to put stuff in, but personally it is so well made that I don’t want to destory it with makeup stains or anything like that so I won’t be using it for any of those things.

The brushes themselves are of the highest quality, and apply and blend very well. Each one of the brushes are very soft and the bristles are very thin and smooth. Personally I don’t use a lot of brushes when I apply my makeup, as I prefer to use sponges but this is an amazing example of a substitute. I am going to start using these brushes day-to-day as they are very good. The design and packaging of these brushes is just exquisite, and of the highest quality. The distinct rose gold colour compliments the brown very well.

On application, with no exaggeration, all of them apply very well. The silk finish brush is amazing for me (as I usually hate applying foundation with a brush) because it blends so well and gives a very natural finish. The powder brush is a bit more suited for loose powders obviously as it is very big, and isn’t the best for compact, but I do like it very much regardless. The wing liner is also very good when applying eyeliner. It is a little bit difficult to manage but does eventually work. The luxe petit crease is a strange shape for a crease brush for me personally, and does not blend very quickly, but after a few strokes it does work very well. The face shape brush is a good contouring brush and makes your contouring not too harsh and distinct. The luxe soft definer is amazing for applying and blending out eye shadow but on the downside is difficult to get product onto the brush. The luxe sheer cheek is brilliant for applying blush and could be also used for bronzer if you wanted. It does pick up product very well but sometimes too easily, so when applying you have to be mindful of how much is on the brush. And last but not least the concealer buffer. This brush is probably my least favourite – and that’s not because it is bad in any way – just for me I’m not used to buffing concealer out with a brush. It does work well to an extent but is not incredible in covering over spots and blemishes. It does work very well in blending out any highlighting or under-eye concealer.

Here is a photo of the set with the bag:


And here is a photo of the products I used with the brushes.


Overall, I highly recommend getting these brushes. For the price I paid, which was AUD $96, with free shipping is worth it in the big picture. I bought it from the website and got free shipping as it was over AUD $40. I highly recommend purchasing it via this website as it is cheaper than the original Zoeva website.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this review as much as enjoyed playing around with these brushes. If you guys have any other reviews of anything in general you’d like to us to post, feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading! Mwah xxx

– Grace

Christmas Gift Ideas

Hey guys, Carmelita here.

As you can tell by the title of this post I’m going to be helping you out with some gift ideas for your mum, dad, brother, sister or anyone in general as the Christmas season has arrived! As we start preparing ourselves emotionally and mentally for Christmas you should start thinking financially as well. But don’t worry I got you all from cheap presents, gift cards and helping you save money!

Lets start with your parents, if you don’t give your parents separate gifts and prefer to give them one to share here are some great gifts for them to enjoy:

  • If your parents love sentimental things you could gather family photos and put them together in a scrapbook or photo album. Alternatively, you can make a huge collage of family photos and by a reasonable size picture frame and stick the photos on it. Scrapbooks, photo albums and picture frames would cost you less that $20.
  • However if you want to buy your parents a gift bedsheets can never go wrong if you get them the right bed size.
  • New pillows for the bedroom! You can investigate about what type of pillows they like and get them a brand new one.
  • You can always go for the easy and safest option which is chocolate, because who doesn’t love chocolates?

If you would like to give your parents separate presents and shop for your sister and mum and get them:

  • Perfume! There are loads of perfumes that are reasonable prices, you can shop at a discount chemist that sell perfumes for cheaper prices opposed to a department store. Some great perfumes are: Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs, Eternity Summer for her by Calvin Klein, Kim Kardashian EDP, by Kim Kardashian (one of my favourites), London EDP by Burberry and Opium by YSL.
  • Bathrobes, like the one at hotels. Bath robes are honestly one of the coolest things in the whole world and they look luxurious, if you find the perfect one I guarantee you that your mum would really appreciate it.
  • New Wallet, a wallet is another gift that would be greatly appreciated. If you want to buy a designer wallet I suggest if you have siblings you could all pitch in. Some nice brands with nice wallets are Mimco, Kate Spade, Michael Kors and Fossil
  • Spa day. What female doesn’t love to get pampered? You could get your mum or treat her to a spa day to relax herself.
  • If you have a little sister and if she’s obsessed with disney princesses, you can definitely get her dolls or a costume because every little girls deserves to feel like a princess!

For the Brothers and Dads! Dad’s are hard to shop for (for me at least) so here are a few things I could come up with:

  • Wallet, I know for sure that father’s usually don’t tend to buy new wallets, they are usually worn out, some nice brands for mens wallets are: Fossil, Tommy Hilfigner and Calvin Klein.
  • Watch! Men love watches! You could get your dad a designer watch and techno savvy watch like the new Apple Watch, or one of those cool ones from Nike. With this gift if you have siblings you could all pitch in some money and would be able to afford a super nice one.
  • Sun glasses! Dads can be a little late onto to whole sunglasses trend.
  • Cologne, everyone loves to smell great! Some really nice male fragrances are:  Eternity Summer for Him by Calvin Klein, Just Cavalli for Him by Roberto Cavalli, Gold EDT by Jay-Z, Polo Black by Ralph Lauren and One Million by Paco Rabanne
  • If you have a little brother you could get them some cool toys from toy stores, like those leggo things, if they’re into superheros you could get the action figures and superhero costumes because it’s always fun to get dressed up.

Now I’m just going to pitch in some beauty gift sets that you can get for your anyone (you can also consider buying these gifts for your family)

That brings the end of my post. What is on your Christmas Wishlist? Leave it down in the comments below!




Birthday Make Up & Hair // Products & Images

Hey Gorgeous! It’s Christy

My 16th Birthday was last Tuesday and the Sunday before I had a small birthday dinner with a few of my close friends. Today I’ll just be sharing my birthday make up & the products I used. I will also include an image of Carmelita, Grace and I before the dinner.

You cannot see my outfit clearly in the images but if curious, my dress was from General Pants & Shoes were from The Iconic. I also did some slight curls in my hair with the Nume Lustrum set using the Medium sized barrel. Before curling my hair I always use a heat protection spray and recently bought the Tresemme Thermal Stying Heatspray. I also tried out a new hairspray by Cedel which is coconut scented *fave scent*, it seemed to work quiet well and definitely left it smelling delicious.


– Primer: NP Set Calming Pre-Foundation Primer
– Foundation: Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation
– Powder: Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
– Contour: NP Set Contour & Highlight Palette
– Highlight: Chi Chi Baked Eyeshadow (Call Me)


Eyes & Lashes
– Eyeshadow Base: NYX Eyeshadow Base (Skintone)
– Inner half: L’Oreal Color Appeal Eye Shadow Mono
– Outer Half: Rimmel Glam Eyes High Definition Eyeshadow (Union Jack)
– Mascara: Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara
– Eyeliner: NYX Retractable Lip Liner (Black Lips) 


Lips & Brows
– Lip Base: L’Oreal Infallible 2-Step Longwear Lipstick (116 Invincile Sable)
– Lip Gloss: L’Oreal Shine Caresse (Lolita)
– Eyebrow Pencil: Chi Chi Eyebrow Pencil with built in brow brush (Medium Brown)
– Brow Gel: Essence Lash and Brow Gel Mascara (Clear)


Well thats it for now, but not for long. As many of you may know, the first Sephora store is opening in Sydney tomorrow and Grace are extremely excited to check it out. If there are any products you think we MUST take a look at, please let us know. Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope to see you back here soon! & also please let me know if you would like to see a in-depth review on any of the products mentioned and I just might. Have a lovely day.

Christy xoxo




DESIGNER BRANDS PRODUCTS | Natural Ground Minerals Blush #682 & Pre-Foundation Moisturizing Primer

Hi guys, its Grace here today!

I’ve gotten some new products lately and I wanted to review them for you! I’ve used each one of these products a few times and they are a blush and a primer. I’m not a huge fan of either one of these honestly but I’d like to wear blush and primer more often to even out my skin and use products that are more natural.

First impressions of the “Designer Brands: Pre-Foundation Moisturizing Primer” was that it was going to work most likely, but no promises I felt. The packaging seems okay but nothing too flashy, and the style is in a pump which I like very much as it is quick and easy to accumulate the right amount. Although the product itself I feel is not very effective.  It is a normal not-to creamy but just the right amount of oil texture and is fragrance free – which I really like. It applies well but does take a bit of time to set into the skin before applying anything else.

It is good as a moisturizer and as a primer in the sense that it ‘primes’ your skin for foundation, but none of the claims about helping create ‘longer lasting make up’ and ‘smoothing out imperfections’ do not seem truthful at all. I feel as though they just created this product but did not put much thought into an overall theme or outcome from the primer, and didn’t put much energy into creating a formula that lives up to the claims. I will use this as a primer in the future but it is not one that I would really recommend. Product is okay overall.

The “Designer Brands: Natural Ground Minerals Blush” in the shade #682 on first impressions I was very excited to use. Although the design and overall feel was that it wouldn’t exactly be handy to take around in a makeup bag or anything, I was still quite excited to use it. One thing that I did not necessarily like is the weight and size of the product, and the fact I couldn’t see the product initially without purchasing and then opening.

The colour seemed at first very bright and beautiful, but when I applied it, it was very unusual. The product was quite pigmented but the colour itself upon application made my skin look blotchy and fake, and not natural. In order to use the product you would twist the dial to receive more products, and swirl brush through the powder and tap off any excess, and then apply. I didn’t really even twist the dial a lot and a lot of product came out, which is sort of disappointing because a lot of products are wonderful but the process of application can be very troubling. When I saw what the blush looked like on my brush, I instantly knew that I had to apply it very lightly. The product clung to my brushes bristles which I don’t like either and was difficult to apply. When I applied it on my face it looked alright but was not amazing, but sort of average.

Overall, the design and sizes of these products were just above average, but the product itself did not necessarily live up to what I expected it to be. I would recommend buying the primer and the blush but maybe in a different shade as I don’t believe the shade I have is right for any skin tone. The products were okay overall but could be improved.

Anyway, thanks for reading guys!

– Grace xxoo 

Hair Care Routine

Hola, Carmelita here!

I’m back again to share with you guys my current hair care routine. My natural hair colour was a dark brown and straight and currently my hair is still suffering from the aftermath of bleach, it got bleached about twice in the span of one year and that really damaged my hair which was so annoying because my hair would snap and it became really fine. I did the keratin treatment which somewhat tamed by hair, but didn’t make it as smooth and luscious as I wanted it. So now, since going to to my original hair colour (which is a really dark brown, almost black) I strive to have that smooth and luscious hair.

The shampoo that I use now and I solely swear by it, it’s the TreSemme Keratin Infusing Shampoo and that goes with the TreSemme Keratin Infusing Conditioner that I also swear by! I wash my hair every 2-3 days depending on how oily it is. This shampoo and conditioner duo works wonders and I would definitely recommend it.

I generally most of the time wash my hair at night time around 5/6 pm on weekdays because I don’t have enough time nor energy to wash my hair every other day. So for the days I don’t wash my hair I would like to take this moment and praise dry shampoo! I prefer using dry shampoo in the form of spray because I am way to lazy to use powder (even though I’ve heard that powder is more effective). Before I used to use the Toni And Guy one, but that didn’t make a difference between washes, so now I use Hairdresser’s Formula Dry Shampoo, with Rice Milk, this is a product I just got and so far it does the job, but has a really bad smell (I think it’s because of the rice milk) other than that it gets the oil out of my hair between washes and I would recommend it for you guys!

A product that I have been trying out that keeps my hair nice, smooth and shiny is the Hask Macadamia Oil “Revitalising Shine Hair Treatment”, so far this oil has been doing my hair wonders. I apply a little amount to the bottom half of my hair and comb it though with my fingers and honestly with this oil a little does go along way.

When my hair is dry I brush my hair with the Michael Mercier Hair Brush for Normal Hair. This brush is amazing, I am so obsessed with it. I brush my hair daily, from when I wake up and before I go to bed, my mother always told me to always brush my hair and I guess it just stuck.


That’s it for today! What is your holy grail hair product? Leave it in the comments below 🙂



Nail Polish Routine // Fave Nail Colour ATM

Hi Darling! Its Christy,

I love my nails, and feel privileged to have healthy and easy growing nails. My nails are easy to manage and I am very happy with how they are shaped and the thickness of them. Unfortunately, not everybody has this luxury and products are out there which may help the particular issue people have. For me, I prefer to wear nail polish instead of having “naked” nails. Today I will be sharing the products I love using when painting and caring for my nails. I forgot to include this in the photographs but one of the vital steps in caring for your nails is caring for your fingers, so moisturising your fingers is a must!

To remove the previous nail polish I am currently using Designer Brands Twist ‘n’ Go’ which is a great way to remove nail polish easily, however when I take my finger out of the container a few seconds later some white powdery looking residue appears on my nail. It does remove easily when hands are washed though. Next is to cut nails if needed, I currently use the ‘Manicare Nail Clippers’. To file and shape my nails I am currently using the ‘Design Glassware Mont Bleu Glass Nail File’. I have never used a glass nail file before recently and I am quite happy with how they perform and seems like they would last much longer than the average nail file.


Now for the nail polish, now I’m happy with the shape and look of my nails I prepare for the polish. First I apply a base coat, which is theSally Hansen Maximum Growth Treatment. This nail polish may be used alone or under nail polish and claims to cause changes visible in one week. Not sure if it really works but it’s worth a shot. For the nail polish I had two colours which I had in mind, Maybelline Nail Polish in Audacious Asphalt’  and ‘Revlon Nail Polish in Charming . I ended up going for Charming, it’s such a gorgeous lilac which is just perfect for spring/summer. I totally forgot I had this colour in my collection and just had to bring it back! And to top it all off I use the Sally Hansen Insta Dry Anti-Chip Top Coat  to dry the nails fast and leave a shiny finish.


I hope you found this somewhat useful and maybe even end up trying one of the products mentioned! & have a lovely rest of your day. Please let me know your current favourite nail polish shade in a comment, I really want to try some neons, including lime and electric blues. Or if you have any tips on nail upkeep please share 🙂

Lots of Love
Christy xoxo

Below, is the image of the result of using the Designer Brands Twist n Go




*Makeup Crisis*

Hi guys! It’s Grace here.

Ever since I started to get more interested in wearing makeup daily and buying makeup, one thing that always troubled me was the fact that most companies and brands that I could find were fine on everybody else’s skin and on mine as well in the sense of application, but were just not my exact skin tone.

I don’t know if you guys have read the about page we’ve set up, but I have very fair skin, with a bit of pink and blue undertones just so you know. Now, the fact that I’ve sort of gotten to use to my skin colour is great, but I have some sort of a problem – I can’t always find the right products for my skin tone! This is a very frustrating issue for many pale and fair skin people I feel as there are loads of products out there which house many different colours of yellows and oranges and mediums but no porcelains or pales that I can find.

This really confuses and irritates me because I would think makeup brands would strive to have a wide variety of colours and shades to choose from but some brands barely have any lighter shades in their lines of foundations, or around only 3-5 shades to choose from. There are so many other skin tones than just the basic 3 – light, medium and dark, and if more brands accommodated for different skin tones it would make a lot more profit.

Another type of product that I find hard to find to suit me is eyebrow kits or pencils. I have quite gingery / red hair, strawberry blonde to be exact, and most companies again only have the basic colours – blonde, brown and black. I could use a blonde or brown one for me as my eyebrow hairs are hardly detectable as they are blonde but that wouldn’t really look natural on me. Yet again, I urge more companies to address this issue and produce more products for different skin tones and hair colours!

The products which I do use that seem to work well on my face are some from the Revlon ColorStay range and the Maybelline Fit Me range. I’m currently using the “Revlon ColorStay Liquid Foundation” in Ivory and Normal/Dry and the “Maybelline Fit Me Concealer” in 115 and for my powder I actually have no idea what shade or what it’s called as the writing has wore off but it’s from the “Revlon ColorStay” range and most likely in some sort of Ivory or light shade. All of these products apart from the Maybelline concealer which is just a shade too dark seem to work quite well on my face as long as I apply only one layer.

Originally one of the ways I differentiate between brands to choose from is look at the models to detect if they have a similar skin tone to me. Now one of the main new faces of Revlon is Emma Stone, and is she pretty much the exact colour that I am, and that’s why I really started using Revlon. Some brands that I find very hard to get my skin colour in are Nude by Nature, Mac, Loreal Paris, and for eyebrows the only brand that seems to be my exact colour is the “Mac Veluxe Brow Liner”  in Strawberry Blonde.

Anyway in conclusion, I just really needed to talk about this because it really is an irritating issue for me and hopefully most likely a lot of other people. And I promise you that as much as I rave on about Revlon it is not due to a promotion of any kind, I just really enjoy the products I use from that brand. If you have any comments, things to discuss, other pet peeves, problems or issues feel free to comment down below. Also if you are like me and very light-skinned any good products you use would be a very good idea for a comment!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and I hope you’ve had a good day or night. Thankyou for reading lovelies!

– Grace xx