City Foods // Yoforia & Lindt Café

Hola beauties, Carmelita here!

Yesterday Christy and I went to the city to grab some food from Yoforia and Lindt Café.

So first we got our frozen yoghurt at Darling Harbour. I personally loved my frozen yoghurt, just looking at it I knew I was going to love it. The flavour I loved the most would without a doubt be salted caramel and I would definitely recommend that flavour to anyone who is interested. Next time I go get some frozen yoghurt I will for sure be getting that one again. As for the cookies and cream and the coconut flavour that I got, they tasted really good (and smelled heavenly) and each flavour tasted sooo good with the toppings. The staff there was super nice aswell, the deal was only available for Monday-Fridays but she let us have it on a Saturday so shoutout to her! 

FullSizeRender (1)

 Christy’s on the right and mine on the left

Next was Lindt Café, we got chocolate milkshakes and macaroons that were the cookies and cream, vanilla white chocolate and salted caramel. The salted caramel was my favourite it was the Lindt Café’s best selling macaroon and now I know why! As for the chocolate milkshake, it was very rich and wasn’t as refreshing as I thought it would be, however the service was really nice. After that let down of the milkshake we went to Hungry Jacks and got $1 large frozen coke. Fast food never lets us down.

FullSizeRenderThat’s it for today’s post, I hope you all have a beautiful day and look forward to the next post!




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