Our First Ever Blog Post !

Hello there beautiful!

This is the first blog post on our new blog called Milkshake Kingdom. The mystery people behind here are 3 average teenage girls form Sydney, Australia. Our names are Carmelita, Christy and Grace. Hopefully some of you will join us on our journey of blogging as we share our worlds with this thing called the internet.

The meaning behind the name:
Three of us girls are significantly different from each other, especially appearance wise. And we decided to embrace it. Grace is defined as a strawberry milkshake as she has pale skin with pink undertones and strawberry blonde hair. Christy is what we call, Vanilla, with her light-medium skin tone. And Carmelita, the chocolate milkshake, who has a golden brown colour to her skin. We see each other as looking different from each other however deep down we have the same main ingredients.

This is the first of many posts to come on Milkshake Kingdom however we will all be posting individually hopefully every second or third day. If anyone has any questions or enquires please do not hesitate to leave a comment or email us at (milkshakekingdomau@gmail.com).

Hope you all have a lovely day xo
Carmelita, Christy & Grace


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