Hi dolls! It’s Grace, and to start off my first post I decided to write about something hopefully we all have. Hobbies. The things that fill our time, or make our time more interesting. What do you define as a hobby, your jobs? The stuff you do while procrastinating? Or what you find your best at? Whatever it is, do it. Whenever I feel upset or angry or stressed, I either read a book or watch a TV show. It takes my mind off things, it helps me forget about the things I have in my life, and helps me put into perspective the issues that I’m dealing with. If it’s painting, paint. If it’s sport, play sport. If it’s spending time with your friends, spend time with your friends. For example, if you are having a fight with your friends, do something that makes you happy or just makes you think. Re-evaluate the situation. Are you in the wrong? Apologize, and wait, you’ve done all you can so far. And if your friend doesn’t see it, you’ll be better of without them. If you are having an issue with school-work, take some time out for your hobby, think about what you could do to fix it, then try your best. Hobbies are so important in dealing with the challenges life can throw our way. Be happy and enjoy yourself. Put your problems into perspective of what you can control and what you can’t. You can fix the problems you can control, but you can’t fix the ones you can’t control. I hope you read this and feel just a tad bit better with whatever you’re dealing with.

Lots of love, Grace 🙂 x


2 thoughts on “Hobbies

  1. Lately I have been filling my time with decorating my house that just got finished. I thought it was going to be pretty easy, but it has proven to be more daunting than I thought! I didn’t realize how many windows I was going to have to buy drapes for!


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