NP Set Lip Balm With Benefits // Review

Hey gorgeous ! Christy here.

Today I wanted to share a product with you all which I absolutely love for the summer time, which is currently approaching Australia (cheering!). The Lip Balm With Benefits from NP Set. It is basically a lip balm combined with a pigmented lip stain.The product contains, Shea Butter and a mixture of antioxidant vitamins which help soothe, soften and protect the lips which often become dry in the summer time.

The product is buildable so sheer or rich looks are both achievable. I love using the product when I want some colour on my lips but need a lot of moisture. It is also a great alternative to lipstick as it is very low maintenance and doesn’t need constant retouching. The Lip Balm With Benefits is available in two shades, Baja (red) and Capri (orangey red). I do wish that it came in more shades, maybe a purple or a pink would be nice, and the two available options do look quite similar applied.

The packaging is nice and sleek however the pot is not very practical. I usually apply the product with a lip brush as a find my fingers wouldn’t give me the precision I need, + would rather not stick my fingers into a product and get it under my fingernails. It retails at $15 AUD and is available at most major Australian retailers. I have provided an arm swatch, lip swatch of Baja (red)  and images of the packaging.






That’s all for now, hope you have a great day ! xo


8 thoughts on “NP Set Lip Balm With Benefits // Review

  1. Great post 🙂 I like products in little pots like these, but it does make it more difficult to apply. I hate getting things under my nails, especially of such thick consistency!
    For some reason I feel like this product tastes good or smells sweet!
    Thanks for following my blog, I subscribed to yours as well.


  2. Great post!

    These colours are are awesome! I just want to have them. Not only are they pretty, they are actually good for the lips. The result is absolutely brilliant too.

    Thanks for sharing christy! Xo and thanks for the follow


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