Hey guys, Carmelita here!

Since I showed you what is in my make up bag, I guess I’ll show you what is in my hand bag! The bag I use currently use is this cream leather bag from Oroton.


That’s what it looks like on the out and inside, I absolutely love it and I love how I can separate my things into sections.
In the furthest section at the back I keep:
• My makeup bag from MAC
• My period bag (you know where the pads and tampons go! Every girl has one!) this one is from Models Prefer
In the middle where the zipper is I have:
• Two pair of glasses, not sure why I always have two, but one are aviators from Ray Ban and the other one a large cat-eye glasses from cotton on.
• My phone charger that I keep in a little beige pouch thing so it doesn’t clutter in my bag
Lastly in the front section:
• My beige/black textured wallet that is from Oroton
• Coin purse that is also from Oroton
• Lip balm from Lucas Paw Paw cream (I can always count on this lip balm, never fails me!)
• Apple ear phones that I keep in the case so it doesn’t create clutter
• Chewing gum! (I live on chewing gum, I swear I have like 3-5 a day. It’s a habit I really need to break)
Another thing I also carry in my bag that didn’t get snapped into the pic is my phone! Can’t leave the house without it.

That’s all that’s in my bag! Excluding gum wrappers and packets that’s cluttered at the bottom of my bag.
What’s something that’s always in your handbag?


7 thoughts on “WHAT’S IN MY BAG?

  1. Honestly period bag is such a must-have. I carry everything you have mentioned plus hand cream, perfume, lots of ponies and bobby pins (cuz this mane can’t be tamed), ha.



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