TV Shows:

Hi lovelies, it’s Grace & I hope you all are doing well!

Today I wanted to talk about one of my favourite things in life, entertainment & specifically television! I have been a fan of television for years & years & probably watch shows more than the normal recommendation. But truthfully, I think they are important as they make me very happy & help me have things to look forward to in life. I watch the obvious crowd-pleasers like “Pretty Little Liars” and “Revenge” which solely entertain me, but I am honestly very proud and driven to watch ones that provoke a thought or a message.

Alot of people criticize me for watching so many shows or even watching them at all which really frustrates me as so many shows can help so many people be educated and informed on several issues in life.  Some of my favourite thought-provoking shows are “Orange is The New Black”, “American Horror Story” and my absolute new favourite show “How To Get Away With Murder”. I recommend watching any of the shows listed above as they are very entertaining, funny and smart. People who usually aren’t so interested in English class will probably never notice how many issues and themes are tackled in television shows. Sexuality, abuse, rape, family concerns, body image, helping others, racism, feminism, sexism and the list goes on. You can pick up so many of these issues above just by watching a simply an episode.

Now I’m not here to criticize anyones tastes as they are all different but the next time you pick up your remote or stream your favourite show think about what you get from the show. Think about the purpose of the show, is it to entertain? They all are obviously, but is it trying to spread a good message? Many people argue that learning only comes from textbooks and school, but I think some excellent shows out there let us learn the most important things in life. Just something to think about while you watch your favourite shows.

Please tell me in the comments what shows you watch as well, I’d love to know 🙂

Love you guys, thanks for reading xxoo

– Grace 


4 thoughts on “TV Shows:

  1. I really like Hollyoaks because they spread messages in their episodes of things that do happen in people’s lives and you do learn from that. It also opens your eyes to what other people are going through in life.


  2. Good post! Ive been enjoying Parenthood since 2010, which is a shame because now it’s the season finale and there are only 4 shows left.

    I also watch Orange is the New Black, by the way, when is the 3rd season happening? I like The Walking Dead, Girls, This Netflix show called Mixology, Blackish, A to Z, Mindy Project and others I can’t think of right now lol.


    1. I’m not exactly sure when Season 3 comes out but it will be out next year because it’s a Netflix show and only airs once a year. It’s such a shame it’s such a good show. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment!
      – Grace xx


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