Obsession of the Month | Ecoya + Glasshouse Candles

Hi guys! It’s Grace here.

Today I wanted to post about one of my new obsessions – candles! Specifically any from the brand Ecoya and Glasshouse. I’ve had Ecoya candles for a while now but I’ve never really had any Glasshouse until recently and – I’m totally in love with the brand.

The specific ones I have at home currently are ‘Sweet Pea & Jasmine by Ecoya’ and ‘Taaha Vanilla Caramel by Glasshouse’, and ‘French Pear by Ecoya’. I highly recommend either one of these scents as they are very nice and appealing to the senses. Even if these aren’t your fancy, there are so many different flavours to choose from and I love them all! The best thing about these fragrances is that they aren’t overboard, and don’t smell cheap or overdone, they’re just right.

For some people they can seem a bit pricey but trust me they are worth it, both brands have amazing products and when you count how long they last for, it is worth it. If you click on the links I’ve provided it will direct you to the websites for any info you need if you’d like to purchase anything.


The three products that I currently have right now are:

1. Sweet Pea & Jasmine Soy Melts by Ecoya priced at $19.95 



2. French Pear Madison Jar Candle by Ecoya priced at $39.95



3. Tahaa Vanilla Caramel Candle by Glasshouse (60g) priced at $18.95


IMG_6544 IMG_6564

Thankyou so much for reading dolls, I hope have enjoyed my post!

Love, Grace xoxo


6 thoughts on “Obsession of the Month | Ecoya + Glasshouse Candles

  1. I love candles as well! I have never tried these. I usually buy the 3 wick ones from Bath and Body Works, and splurge on Jo Malone and Dyptique candles! The pear one sounds divine! Thanks for the review, I will check these out!


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