Fake Tanning Routine // Le Tan Review

Hey beautiful! Christy here,

We all know that sun tanning is horrible for your skin and overall wellbeing which is why I recommend avoiding it. This may be the reason you may choose to fake tan, or maybe it’s because you are lazy, don’t have time to suntan or just don’t tan easily and just burn. Personally, my relationship with fake tan is a love and hate. I mean I hate completing the steps of before and after tanning but I just love the look of a healthy sun kissed glow.

First of all, I am in no way shape or form anywhere near to being an expert, I just wanted to share my routine with you guys. These are the steps I do before, during and after fake tanning.


  1. Exfoliating – It is extremely important to exfoliate before fake tanning so that the dead skin will be removed and will not build up on your skin. It also leaves your skin feeling nice and smooth with that clean feeling we all love. ($4 exfoliating gloves from Target).
  2. Waxing or Shaving – If you do not wax or shave ignore this step, however most women tend to complete this step. I prefer shaving and just do it the way I usually do it. Obviously shaving or waxing after fake tanning will remove the tan from the skin which is why we do it before. (I usually use Gilette Venus Razors, but the one in the photo is not the current one I use, you guys probably don’t want to see a photo of my used razor) http://www.gillettevenus.com.au/en-AU/products/
  3. Moisturise – Just a simple step to help the fake tan glide on easily. (Any moisturiser)
  4. I usually fake tan at night after I shower so that if there is any noticeable smell of tan it has the chance to go away before the start of the day.
  5. Applying – Always use a mit, unless you want orange/green hands + they assist in creating a non-streaky tan. The type of self-tanning product is up to you however I prefer using gradual tan or a mousse. The products I use for my tanning routine change from week to week but I recently started using the Le Tan Fast Tan Instant Foaming Mousse in Dark Bronze. Today was my first time using the product. It is an olive based tan which I like, I just feel like it looks more natural. The mousse is very easy to apply and does not leave an unpleasant scent at all. I usually focus on my legs as my arms and shoulders are tanner than the rest of my body but wherever you feel needs a bit of tan just go for it! (http://www.letan.com.au/Product/5634/Foaming-Mousse-110mL)
  6. Moisturise Again – If you want your tan to maintain its fantastic looking self, you must moisturise every day.
  7. Depending on the tanner you use and how you treat your skin the tan will last from 2-5 days. Once your tan starts to fade or look patchy, start over again!

Hope this post may have helped you out if you have never fake tanned before, however once again this may be the wrong way to self-tan but this is the way I do it and I am quite happy with the outcome. If you have any suggestions which I should add to my routine or even some products I should try out, I would love to know, just leave them in a comment and I’ll be sure to give them a try.

Lots of Love

Christy xoxo


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