Review // Designer Brands “Extend A Brow”

Ayeo! Carmelita here, back at it again!

Eyebrows are an essential for everyone, and right now for me it’s all about finding that perfect brow product that will make them be so on point. It’s quite hard to find a holy grail brow product for me because I am so picky. Today I’d like to share with you all what I think about this brow product from Designer Brands that retails for $12.99 AUD and it’s called “Extend a Brow”



This product has silk fibres that claim to make your brows fuller, thicker, giving you brows a more defined look. The shade I used was Medium Dark, which was an accurate colour match for me as I do have really dark brows, when first opening to product it tends to get really messy because the fibres fall out of the tube.

So basically how this product works is you take it out and swipe it across your brows and that is exactly what I did. I find that it isn’t effected with just one swipe, I generally did have to swipe it a few more times to get results. When looking at it finished it gave of a very ashy look, which I do not like at all, so I dabbed on it with some makeup wipes to get rid of some of the product and it turned out fine.

Overall, I think this product is great for adding definition to sparse areas of the brows, but to use it to define the whole eyebrow it can look quite ashy and not very natural. The product is easy to use, nice packaging and a reasonable price.



That brings an end to my post today, let me know what your holy grail brow product is, I would love to try them out!



3 thoughts on “Review // Designer Brands “Extend A Brow”

  1. I use Anastasia Brow Pomade. So far I love it. I hate pencils! I have used a powder in the past but I feel like the ones that are dark enough for me give my brows a gray effect. The brow Pomade doesn’t. It comes in a good selection of shades. I use the shade Ebony, and from looking at your brows, that would probably be the one you would want to use. It’s not black but more of a cool, soft, dark brownish black. The brush you use to apply the product is terrific because you have the angled brow brush on one end, and a spooley brush on the other for blending and taming. My favorite brow product so far!


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