*Makeup Crisis*

Hi guys! It’s Grace here.

Ever since I started to get more interested in wearing makeup daily and buying makeup, one thing that always troubled me was the fact that most companies and brands that I could find were fine on everybody else’s skin and on mine as well in the sense of application, but were just not my exact skin tone.

I don’t know if you guys have read the about page we’ve set up, but I have very fair skin, with a bit of pink and blue undertones just so you know. Now, the fact that I’ve sort of gotten to use to my skin colour is great, but I have some sort of a problem – I can’t always find the right products for my skin tone! This is a very frustrating issue for many pale and fair skin people I feel as there are loads of products out there which house many different colours of yellows and oranges and mediums but no porcelains or pales that I can find.

This really confuses and irritates me because I would think makeup brands would strive to have a wide variety of colours and shades to choose from but some brands barely have any lighter shades in their lines of foundations, or around only 3-5 shades to choose from. There are so many other skin tones than just the basic 3 – light, medium and dark, and if more brands accommodated for different skin tones it would make a lot more profit.

Another type of product that I find hard to find to suit me is eyebrow kits or pencils. I have quite gingery / red hair, strawberry blonde to be exact, and most companies again only have the basic colours – blonde, brown and black. I could use a blonde or brown one for me as my eyebrow hairs are hardly detectable as they are blonde but that wouldn’t really look natural on me. Yet again, I urge more companies to address this issue and produce more products for different skin tones and hair colours!

The products which I do use that seem to work well on my face are some from the Revlon ColorStay range and the Maybelline Fit Me range. I’m currently using the “Revlon ColorStay Liquid Foundation” in Ivory and Normal/Dry and the “Maybelline Fit Me Concealer” in 115 and for my powder I actually have no idea what shade or what it’s called as the writing has wore off but it’s from the “Revlon ColorStay” range and most likely in some sort of Ivory or light shade. All of these products apart from the Maybelline concealer which is just a shade too dark seem to work quite well on my face as long as I apply only one layer.

Originally one of the ways I differentiate between brands to choose from is look at the models to detect if they have a similar skin tone to me. Now one of the main new faces of Revlon is Emma Stone, and is she pretty much the exact colour that I am, and that’s why I really started using Revlon. Some brands that I find very hard to get my skin colour in are Nude by Nature, Mac, Loreal Paris, and for eyebrows the only brand that seems to be my exact colour is the “Mac Veluxe Brow Liner”  in Strawberry Blonde.

Anyway in conclusion, I just really needed to talk about this because it really is an irritating issue for me and hopefully most likely a lot of other people. And I promise you that as much as I rave on about Revlon it is not due to a promotion of any kind, I just really enjoy the products I use from that brand. If you have any comments, things to discuss, other pet peeves, problems or issues feel free to comment down below. Also if you are like me and very light-skinned any good products you use would be a very good idea for a comment!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and I hope you’ve had a good day or night. Thankyou for reading lovelies!

– Grace xx


5 thoughts on “*Makeup Crisis*

  1. Hi Grace, welcome to the world of black women all over the world! Most brands don’t have shades that suit our skin tone either. Perhaps, it’s time for you to consider making your own unique and organic makeup products. You will be amazed at the result such research and practicing will give. Cheers


  2. As a fellow all be it darker ginger finding the right eyebrow color is as you said, difficult at best.. I managed to find a great pallet with three different ginger worthy choices which I’d gladly share with you except they are a “no name” brand. Bah! 😱


    1. Oh that’s sad.. Oh well, at the moment I’m really happy with the colour and product I’m using right now, it would just be nice for brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills who have really good quality brow products to produce more colours – Grace 🙂 x

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      1. I wonder if IT cosmetics eyebrow pencil would work? It’s supposed to be one of the best on the market..
        As long as you are generally happy that is all that matters! And I agree, Revlon has some great products.
        Meg 🙂


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