Nail Polish Routine // Fave Nail Colour ATM

Hi Darling! Its Christy,

I love my nails, and feel privileged to have healthy and easy growing nails. My nails are easy to manage and I am very happy with how they are shaped and the thickness of them. Unfortunately, not everybody has this luxury and products are out there which may help the particular issue people have. For me, I prefer to wear nail polish instead of having “naked” nails. Today I will be sharing the products I love using when painting and caring for my nails. I forgot to include this in the photographs but one of the vital steps in caring for your nails is caring for your fingers, so moisturising your fingers is a must!

To remove the previous nail polish I am currently using Designer Brands Twist ‘n’ Go’ which is a great way to remove nail polish easily, however when I take my finger out of the container a few seconds later some white powdery looking residue appears on my nail. It does remove easily when hands are washed though. Next is to cut nails if needed, I currently use the ‘Manicare Nail Clippers’. To file and shape my nails I am currently using the ‘Design Glassware Mont Bleu Glass Nail File’. I have never used a glass nail file before recently and I am quite happy with how they perform and seems like they would last much longer than the average nail file.


Now for the nail polish, now I’m happy with the shape and look of my nails I prepare for the polish. First I apply a base coat, which is theSally Hansen Maximum Growth Treatment. This nail polish may be used alone or under nail polish and claims to cause changes visible in one week. Not sure if it really works but it’s worth a shot. For the nail polish I had two colours which I had in mind, Maybelline Nail Polish in Audacious Asphalt’  and ‘Revlon Nail Polish in Charming . I ended up going for Charming, it’s such a gorgeous lilac which is just perfect for spring/summer. I totally forgot I had this colour in my collection and just had to bring it back! And to top it all off I use the Sally Hansen Insta Dry Anti-Chip Top Coat  to dry the nails fast and leave a shiny finish.


I hope you found this somewhat useful and maybe even end up trying one of the products mentioned! & have a lovely rest of your day. Please let me know your current favourite nail polish shade in a comment, I really want to try some neons, including lime and electric blues. Or if you have any tips on nail upkeep please share 🙂

Lots of Love
Christy xoxo

Below, is the image of the result of using the Designer Brands Twist n Go





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