Hair Care Routine

Hola, Carmelita here!

I’m back again to share with you guys my current hair care routine. My natural hair colour was a dark brown and straight and currently my hair is still suffering from the aftermath of bleach, it got bleached about twice in the span of one year and that really damaged my hair which was so annoying because my hair would snap and it became really fine. I did the keratin treatment which somewhat tamed by hair, but didn’t make it as smooth and luscious as I wanted it. So now, since going to to my original hair colour (which is a really dark brown, almost black) I strive to have that smooth and luscious hair.

The shampoo that I use now and I solely swear by it, it’s the TreSemme Keratin Infusing Shampoo and that goes with the TreSemme Keratin Infusing Conditioner that I also swear by! I wash my hair every 2-3 days depending on how oily it is. This shampoo and conditioner duo works wonders and I would definitely recommend it.

I generally most of the time wash my hair at night time around 5/6 pm on weekdays because I don’t have enough time nor energy to wash my hair every other day. So for the days I don’t wash my hair I would like to take this moment and praise dry shampoo! I prefer using dry shampoo in the form of spray because I am way to lazy to use powder (even though I’ve heard that powder is more effective). Before I used to use the Toni And Guy one, but that didn’t make a difference between washes, so now I use Hairdresser’s Formula Dry Shampoo, with Rice Milk, this is a product I just got and so far it does the job, but has a really bad smell (I think it’s because of the rice milk) other than that it gets the oil out of my hair between washes and I would recommend it for you guys!

A product that I have been trying out that keeps my hair nice, smooth and shiny is the Hask Macadamia Oil “Revitalising Shine Hair Treatment”, so far this oil has been doing my hair wonders. I apply a little amount to the bottom half of my hair and comb it though with my fingers and honestly with this oil a little does go along way.

When my hair is dry I brush my hair with the Michael Mercier Hair Brush for Normal Hair. This brush is amazing, I am so obsessed with it. I brush my hair daily, from when I wake up and before I go to bed, my mother always told me to always brush my hair and I guess it just stuck.


That’s it for today! What is your holy grail hair product? Leave it in the comments below 🙂




3 thoughts on “Hair Care Routine

  1. After I bleached my hair, my HG products were joico and redken keratin treatments. Those things saved my hair! I was so sure I had to chop it all off. I had never seen these Tresemme products though! Probably would have been cheaper alternatives!


      1. I had to trim my hair a lot, as well. All the way to my collarbones, but since getting it back to health, it’s growing out. I’m also taking BIotin to help it a little. We’ll get our hair back!

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