DESIGNER BRANDS PRODUCTS | Natural Ground Minerals Blush #682 & Pre-Foundation Moisturizing Primer

Hi guys, its Grace here today!

I’ve gotten some new products lately and I wanted to review them for you! I’ve used each one of these products a few times and they are a blush and a primer. I’m not a huge fan of either one of these honestly but I’d like to wear blush and primer more often to even out my skin and use products that are more natural.

First impressions of the “Designer Brands: Pre-Foundation Moisturizing Primer” was that it was going to work most likely, but no promises I felt. The packaging seems okay but nothing too flashy, and the style is in a pump which I like very much as it is quick and easy to accumulate the right amount. Although the product itself I feel is not very effective.  It is a normal not-to creamy but just the right amount of oil texture and is fragrance free – which I really like. It applies well but does take a bit of time to set into the skin before applying anything else.

It is good as a moisturizer and as a primer in the sense that it ‘primes’ your skin for foundation, but none of the claims about helping create ‘longer lasting make up’ and ‘smoothing out imperfections’ do not seem truthful at all. I feel as though they just created this product but did not put much thought into an overall theme or outcome from the primer, and didn’t put much energy into creating a formula that lives up to the claims. I will use this as a primer in the future but it is not one that I would really recommend. Product is okay overall.

The “Designer Brands: Natural Ground Minerals Blush” in the shade #682 on first impressions I was very excited to use. Although the design and overall feel was that it wouldn’t exactly be handy to take around in a makeup bag or anything, I was still quite excited to use it. One thing that I did not necessarily like is the weight and size of the product, and the fact I couldn’t see the product initially without purchasing and then opening.

The colour seemed at first very bright and beautiful, but when I applied it, it was very unusual. The product was quite pigmented but the colour itself upon application made my skin look blotchy and fake, and not natural. In order to use the product you would twist the dial to receive more products, and swirl brush through the powder and tap off any excess, and then apply. I didn’t really even twist the dial a lot and a lot of product came out, which is sort of disappointing because a lot of products are wonderful but the process of application can be very troubling. When I saw what the blush looked like on my brush, I instantly knew that I had to apply it very lightly. The product clung to my brushes bristles which I don’t like either and was difficult to apply. When I applied it on my face it looked alright but was not amazing, but sort of average.

Overall, the design and sizes of these products were just above average, but the product itself did not necessarily live up to what I expected it to be. I would recommend buying the primer and the blush but maybe in a different shade as I don’t believe the shade I have is right for any skin tone. The products were okay overall but could be improved.

Anyway, thanks for reading guys!

– Grace xxoo 


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