Christmas Gift Ideas

Hey guys, Carmelita here.

As you can tell by the title of this post I’m going to be helping you out with some gift ideas for your mum, dad, brother, sister or anyone in general as the Christmas season has arrived! As we start preparing ourselves emotionally and mentally for Christmas you should start thinking financially as well. But don’t worry I got you all from cheap presents, gift cards and helping you save money!

Lets start with your parents, if you don’t give your parents separate gifts and prefer to give them one to share here are some great gifts for them to enjoy:

  • If your parents love sentimental things you could gather family photos and put them together in a scrapbook or photo album. Alternatively, you can make a huge collage of family photos and by a reasonable size picture frame and stick the photos on it. Scrapbooks, photo albums and picture frames would cost you less that $20.
  • However if you want to buy your parents a gift bedsheets can never go wrong if you get them the right bed size.
  • New pillows for the bedroom! You can investigate about what type of pillows they like and get them a brand new one.
  • You can always go for the easy and safest option which is chocolate, because who doesn’t love chocolates?

If you would like to give your parents separate presents and shop for your sister and mum and get them:

  • Perfume! There are loads of perfumes that are reasonable prices, you can shop at a discount chemist that sell perfumes for cheaper prices opposed to a department store. Some great perfumes are: Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs, Eternity Summer for her by Calvin Klein, Kim Kardashian EDP, by Kim Kardashian (one of my favourites), London EDP by Burberry and Opium by YSL.
  • Bathrobes, like the one at hotels. Bath robes are honestly one of the coolest things in the whole world and they look luxurious, if you find the perfect one I guarantee you that your mum would really appreciate it.
  • New Wallet, a wallet is another gift that would be greatly appreciated. If you want to buy a designer wallet I suggest if you have siblings you could all pitch in. Some nice brands with nice wallets are Mimco, Kate Spade, Michael Kors and Fossil
  • Spa day. What female doesn’t love to get pampered? You could get your mum or treat her to a spa day to relax herself.
  • If you have a little sister and if she’s obsessed with disney princesses, you can definitely get her dolls or a costume because every little girls deserves to feel like a princess!

For the Brothers and Dads! Dad’s are hard to shop for (for me at least) so here are a few things I could come up with:

  • Wallet, I know for sure that father’s usually don’t tend to buy new wallets, they are usually worn out, some nice brands for mens wallets are: Fossil, Tommy Hilfigner and Calvin Klein.
  • Watch! Men love watches! You could get your dad a designer watch and techno savvy watch like the new Apple Watch, or one of those cool ones from Nike. With this gift if you have siblings you could all pitch in some money and would be able to afford a super nice one.
  • Sun glasses! Dads can be a little late onto to whole sunglasses trend.
  • Cologne, everyone loves to smell great! Some really nice male fragrances are:  Eternity Summer for Him by Calvin Klein, Just Cavalli for Him by Roberto Cavalli, Gold EDT by Jay-Z, Polo Black by Ralph Lauren and One Million by Paco Rabanne
  • If you have a little brother you could get them some cool toys from toy stores, like those leggo things, if they’re into superheros you could get the action figures and superhero costumes because it’s always fun to get dressed up.

Now I’m just going to pitch in some beauty gift sets that you can get for your anyone (you can also consider buying these gifts for your family)

That brings the end of my post. What is on your Christmas Wishlist? Leave it down in the comments below!





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