ZOEVA Rose Golden Luxury Set ~ First Impressions

Hi lovelies! It’s Grace here.

Last week I received the “Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set” in the mail, and I’ve been very excited to do a first impression review on! These brushes are just a basic set of 8, and I’ll go through all of them with you.

  • The “106 Powder” is obviously used to apply loose and pressed powder
  • The “102 Silk Finish” is for applying and blending foundation
  • The “110 Face Shape” is for contouring the face shape with cream and powder products
  • The “127 Luxe Sheer Cheek” is used to apply powder and blush
  • The “142 Concealer Buffer” is for applying and blending concealer
  • The “227 Soft Definer” is used to softly blend and smooth eyeshadow
  • The “231 Petit Crease” is used to accentuate and blend in the crease
  • And last but not least, the “317 Wing Liner” is for detailed eyeliner strokes

On first impressions of the actual set without using anything I was amazed. You get the brushes in this beautiful high-quality clutch which could be used as a makeup bag or just a pouch to put stuff in, but personally it is so well made that I don’t want to destory it with makeup stains or anything like that so I won’t be using it for any of those things.

The brushes themselves are of the highest quality, and apply and blend very well. Each one of the brushes are very soft and the bristles are very thin and smooth. Personally I don’t use a lot of brushes when I apply my makeup, as I prefer to use sponges but this is an amazing example of a substitute. I am going to start using these brushes day-to-day as they are very good. The design and packaging of these brushes is just exquisite, and of the highest quality. The distinct rose gold colour compliments the brown very well.

On application, with no exaggeration, all of them apply very well. The silk finish brush is amazing for me (as I usually hate applying foundation with a brush) because it blends so well and gives a very natural finish. The powder brush is a bit more suited for loose powders obviously as it is very big, and isn’t the best for compact, but I do like it very much regardless. The wing liner is also very good when applying eyeliner. It is a little bit difficult to manage but does eventually work. The luxe petit crease is a strange shape for a crease brush for me personally, and does not blend very quickly, but after a few strokes it does work very well. The face shape brush is a good contouring brush and makes your contouring not too harsh and distinct. The luxe soft definer is amazing for applying and blending out eye shadow but on the downside is difficult to get product onto the brush. The luxe sheer cheek is brilliant for applying blush and could be also used for bronzer if you wanted. It does pick up product very well but sometimes too easily, so when applying you have to be mindful of how much is on the brush. And last but not least the concealer buffer. This brush is probably my least favourite – and that’s not because it is bad in any way – just for me I’m not used to buffing concealer out with a brush. It does work well to an extent but is not incredible in covering over spots and blemishes. It does work very well in blending out any highlighting or under-eye concealer.

Here is a photo of the set with the bag:


And here is a photo of the products I used with the brushes.


Overall, I highly recommend getting these brushes. For the price I paid, which was AUD $96, with free shipping is worth it in the big picture. I bought it from the website Luxola.com and got free shipping as it was over AUD $40. I highly recommend purchasing it via this website as it is cheaper than the original Zoeva website.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this review as much as enjoyed playing around with these brushes. If you guys have any other reviews of anything in general you’d like to us to post, feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading! Mwah xxx

– Grace


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