The Body Shop Glazed Apple Body Polish & Body Butter // Review

Hey beautiful, Christy here!

So a few weeks ago, I was in the city with Grace and another friend after watching Mocking Jay Part 1 (which was completely mind blowing, I cannot wait for part 2). One of the shops we wandered into on the way to the train station was The Body Shop. As soon as I walked in I noticed a new display of three Christmas scents Glazed Apple, Frosted Cranberry and Vanilla Brulee. I was instantly drawn to the extremely Christmassy looking packaging of the Glazed Apple and picked up the Body Butter tester. But it was empty! AND OUT OF STOCK? None the less, I smelt the empty container and fell in love. Okay, I’m not usually into fruity OR apple scents. But this was a whole new level of apple. I mean, please do not disregard this scent if you are not a fruity person because you may just love it just like I did! Anyway, I showed Grace how amazing it was and just last week two of the gifts she generously gave to me were the Glazed Apple Body Butter & Body Polish. I was over the moon and could not wait to put them on my bod.


First of all, the Glazed Apple Body Butter, I cannot get over how good it smells whenever I apply this product. But despite the delicious scent, it is an amazing product. It costs $23.95 for a 200ml tub of goodness which does run out quite quickly if you apply daily. However, I have often seen deals where you can buy  two for $40 which saves you a nice $8. One thing I love about The Body Shop is that alot of their products contain Community Fair Trade products. If you don’t know what Fair Trade is, don’t stress, I only found out a few weeks ago at school when learning about it. It’s basically an organisation which helps farmers in 70 countries receive more sustainable prices for their products and always receive the same (or more) amount of money no matter how their products sell. The Body Shop Body Butters are extremely rich and simply glide onto the skin and rub in so easily. They claim to have 24 hour hydration and definitely leave skin feeling softer, smoother and younger as soon as applied. I think this is a must have product, if the Glazed Apple is not the scent for you, definitely check out their wide range of other scents available, you will not be let down.


I have not personally tried any body scrubs or polishes from The Body Shop before now, but let me tell you, I was impressed when I did. First of all, how sleek is the packaging, I mean the design is so beautiful, and festive. As mentioned, I have the Body Polish in Glazed Apple which is the exact same scent as the Body Butter. Basically this product is what I use to exfoliate my skin (with exfoliating gloves) before fake tanning. The product is quite gentle and is not harsh on the skin, after use the skin feels very very clean and polished. Once again this product contains a Community Fair Trade product, which is honey. I do not use this a much as the Body Butter as I don’t exfoliate everyday, however, from the times I have used it, it is wonderful. It is a very easy product to use which can be used with an exfoliating glove, a loofah or just using your hands. I would definitely recommend this to anyone  who exfoliates regularly, especially if you fake tan like I do.


To sum it all up, I love The Body Shop, especially their skin care products and would suggest anybody who hasn’t tried anything from the brand definitely should. I think the prices you pay for these products are completely reasonable for the quality of products you receive, I also think these would be great Christmas gift ideas for any skincare lover out there. Also, to throw in, another of my fave scents from The Body Shop, and all time would have to be coconut, so check that out too!

What is your favourite product from The Body Shop? Please let me know, I would love to try out some new things from the brand which I have not already. & let me know if you would like to see a post on Community Fair Trade Products and where you can find them in your shops.

Until next timeChristy xx



8 thoughts on “The Body Shop Glazed Apple Body Polish & Body Butter // Review

  1. I love The Body Shop body butters! I love most of their scents, but only ever buy the cocoa butter one as I have found it is the most moisturizing. I also like their body mists. They don’t have much longevity, but they are perfect for a movie date! I always feel self conscious in a tightly packed theatre. Especially when a stranger is sitting next to me for 2 plus hours!


  2. I love the be delicious perfume so I am sure I’m going to love this! I am seo direly grabbing it today since the body shop website is having 50% off and free shipping! Thanks for the heads up! Xo


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