Who & What we aspire to be:

We all aspire to be successful business women. We all hope to conquer the world and show them what we got as a trio and individually.

Carmelita: I aspire to dominate the fashion industry, and live life like an elite socialite taking inspiration from Blair Waldorf.
Christy: I aspire to become a highly respected and successful owner of a well known company while travelling the world with loving family and friends.
Grace: I aspire to explore acting and performing as I have always admired famous actors.

General Info

Carmelita: I live a pretty normal life, with big dreams and aspirations. I’m freshly 16 on October 12. I reside in Sydney Australia and currently attended high school in Year 10. I love to travel around Sydney, I personally don’t like staying at one place too long, I’m the type of person that likes change. I come from a Filipino cultural background and I love going to the Philippines to visit family. I’m a very well traveled person and have experienced lots of culture around the world. My favourite place in the whole world is New York. There’s just something about city lights and skylines that really captivates me. A person that I idolize is Rihanna, the way she owns ans struts everything she wears. Music wise I can go from white teenage fan girl to ghetto real quick. I’ll be listening to Justin Bieber then to Kanye West. I hope you guys got a little insight of my life from this tiny paragraph, if you wish to know more you can hola at me or just look at some of my posts.

Christy: I’m a pretty average person if I’m honest but if you must know, I am 16 years old born on the 2nd of December 1998. I live in Sydney, Australia and currently attend high school in Year 10. I love going to the beach and being with friends. My favourite foods include pizza, donuts and salt and vinegar flavoured chips. My background is Chinese & Irish and I’ve traveled to Hong Kong 3 times a month at a time. I wish to travel to each continent, even Antarctica if possible! I love learning about the history of countries and seeing the diversity in different parts of the world. My queen, is Lady Gaga & my baes include Justin Bieber & Theo James. If you want to learn more about me and my daily life just keep a look out for future posts and you will soon know all my deepest and darkest secrets.

Grace: I was born on the 15th of November and am currently 16 years old. My favourite things in life is being around my close friends and family in Sydney. I am of English and Scottish descent, but have lived in Australia my whole life. I love watching movies and my favourite TV shows and dream about working in that business as well. My favourite artists and idols that I really respect are Lana Del Rey, Marina Diamandis and Dylan O’Brien. My favourite foods are hot chips, pizza and basically all fatty foods. I also really also reading books when I can and playing with makeup and different looks. If you’d like to know more about me then look out for some of my posts.



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