Hair Care Routine

Hola, Carmelita here!

I’m back again to share with you guys my current hair care routine. My natural hair colour was a dark brown and straight and currently my hair is still suffering from the aftermath of bleach, it got bleached about twice in the span of one year and that really damaged my hair which was so annoying because my hair would snap and it became really fine. I did the keratin treatment which somewhat tamed by hair, but didn’t make it as smooth and luscious as I wanted it. So now, since going to to my original hair colour (which is a really dark brown, almost black) I strive to have that smooth and luscious hair.

The shampoo that I use now and I solely swear by it, it’s the TreSemme Keratin Infusing Shampoo and that goes with the TreSemme Keratin Infusing Conditioner that I also swear by! I wash my hair every 2-3 days depending on how oily it is. This shampoo and conditioner duo works wonders and I would definitely recommend it.

I generally most of the time wash my hair at night time around 5/6 pm on weekdays because I don’t have enough time nor energy to wash my hair every other day. So for the days I don’t wash my hair I would like to take this moment and praise dry shampoo! I prefer using dry shampoo in the form of spray because I am way to lazy to use powder (even though I’ve heard that powder is more effective). Before I used to use the Toni And Guy one, but that didn’t make a difference between washes, so now I use Hairdresser’s Formula Dry Shampoo, with Rice Milk, this is a product I just got and so far it does the job, but has a really bad smell (I think it’s because of the rice milk) other than that it gets the oil out of my hair between washes and I would recommend it for you guys!

A product that I have been trying out that keeps my hair nice, smooth and shiny is the Hask Macadamia Oil “Revitalising Shine Hair Treatment”, so far this oil has been doing my hair wonders. I apply a little amount to the bottom half of my hair and comb it though with my fingers and honestly with this oil a little does go along way.

When my hair is dry I brush my hair with the Michael Mercier Hair Brush for Normal Hair. This brush is amazing, I am so obsessed with it. I brush my hair daily, from when I wake up and before I go to bed, my mother always told me to always brush my hair and I guess it just stuck.


That’s it for today! What is your holy grail hair product? Leave it in the comments below 🙂




Nail Polish Routine // Fave Nail Colour ATM

Hi Darling! Its Christy,

I love my nails, and feel privileged to have healthy and easy growing nails. My nails are easy to manage and I am very happy with how they are shaped and the thickness of them. Unfortunately, not everybody has this luxury and products are out there which may help the particular issue people have. For me, I prefer to wear nail polish instead of having “naked” nails. Today I will be sharing the products I love using when painting and caring for my nails. I forgot to include this in the photographs but one of the vital steps in caring for your nails is caring for your fingers, so moisturising your fingers is a must!

To remove the previous nail polish I am currently using Designer Brands Twist ‘n’ Go’ which is a great way to remove nail polish easily, however when I take my finger out of the container a few seconds later some white powdery looking residue appears on my nail. It does remove easily when hands are washed though. Next is to cut nails if needed, I currently use the ‘Manicare Nail Clippers’. To file and shape my nails I am currently using the ‘Design Glassware Mont Bleu Glass Nail File’. I have never used a glass nail file before recently and I am quite happy with how they perform and seems like they would last much longer than the average nail file.


Now for the nail polish, now I’m happy with the shape and look of my nails I prepare for the polish. First I apply a base coat, which is theSally Hansen Maximum Growth Treatment. This nail polish may be used alone or under nail polish and claims to cause changes visible in one week. Not sure if it really works but it’s worth a shot. For the nail polish I had two colours which I had in mind, Maybelline Nail Polish in Audacious Asphalt’  and ‘Revlon Nail Polish in Charming . I ended up going for Charming, it’s such a gorgeous lilac which is just perfect for spring/summer. I totally forgot I had this colour in my collection and just had to bring it back! And to top it all off I use the Sally Hansen Insta Dry Anti-Chip Top Coat  to dry the nails fast and leave a shiny finish.


I hope you found this somewhat useful and maybe even end up trying one of the products mentioned! & have a lovely rest of your day. Please let me know your current favourite nail polish shade in a comment, I really want to try some neons, including lime and electric blues. Or if you have any tips on nail upkeep please share 🙂

Lots of Love
Christy xoxo

Below, is the image of the result of using the Designer Brands Twist n Go




*Makeup Crisis*

Hi guys! It’s Grace here.

Ever since I started to get more interested in wearing makeup daily and buying makeup, one thing that always troubled me was the fact that most companies and brands that I could find were fine on everybody else’s skin and on mine as well in the sense of application, but were just not my exact skin tone.

I don’t know if you guys have read the about page we’ve set up, but I have very fair skin, with a bit of pink and blue undertones just so you know. Now, the fact that I’ve sort of gotten to use to my skin colour is great, but I have some sort of a problem – I can’t always find the right products for my skin tone! This is a very frustrating issue for many pale and fair skin people I feel as there are loads of products out there which house many different colours of yellows and oranges and mediums but no porcelains or pales that I can find.

This really confuses and irritates me because I would think makeup brands would strive to have a wide variety of colours and shades to choose from but some brands barely have any lighter shades in their lines of foundations, or around only 3-5 shades to choose from. There are so many other skin tones than just the basic 3 – light, medium and dark, and if more brands accommodated for different skin tones it would make a lot more profit.

Another type of product that I find hard to find to suit me is eyebrow kits or pencils. I have quite gingery / red hair, strawberry blonde to be exact, and most companies again only have the basic colours – blonde, brown and black. I could use a blonde or brown one for me as my eyebrow hairs are hardly detectable as they are blonde but that wouldn’t really look natural on me. Yet again, I urge more companies to address this issue and produce more products for different skin tones and hair colours!

The products which I do use that seem to work well on my face are some from the Revlon ColorStay range and the Maybelline Fit Me range. I’m currently using the “Revlon ColorStay Liquid Foundation” in Ivory and Normal/Dry and the “Maybelline Fit Me Concealer” in 115 and for my powder I actually have no idea what shade or what it’s called as the writing has wore off but it’s from the “Revlon ColorStay” range and most likely in some sort of Ivory or light shade. All of these products apart from the Maybelline concealer which is just a shade too dark seem to work quite well on my face as long as I apply only one layer.

Originally one of the ways I differentiate between brands to choose from is look at the models to detect if they have a similar skin tone to me. Now one of the main new faces of Revlon is Emma Stone, and is she pretty much the exact colour that I am, and that’s why I really started using Revlon. Some brands that I find very hard to get my skin colour in are Nude by Nature, Mac, Loreal Paris, and for eyebrows the only brand that seems to be my exact colour is the “Mac Veluxe Brow Liner”  in Strawberry Blonde.

Anyway in conclusion, I just really needed to talk about this because it really is an irritating issue for me and hopefully most likely a lot of other people. And I promise you that as much as I rave on about Revlon it is not due to a promotion of any kind, I just really enjoy the products I use from that brand. If you have any comments, things to discuss, other pet peeves, problems or issues feel free to comment down below. Also if you are like me and very light-skinned any good products you use would be a very good idea for a comment!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and I hope you’ve had a good day or night. Thankyou for reading lovelies!

– Grace xx

Review // Designer Brands “Extend A Brow”

Ayeo! Carmelita here, back at it again!

Eyebrows are an essential for everyone, and right now for me it’s all about finding that perfect brow product that will make them be so on point. It’s quite hard to find a holy grail brow product for me because I am so picky. Today I’d like to share with you all what I think about this brow product from Designer Brands that retails for $12.99 AUD and it’s called “Extend a Brow”



This product has silk fibres that claim to make your brows fuller, thicker, giving you brows a more defined look. The shade I used was Medium Dark, which was an accurate colour match for me as I do have really dark brows, when first opening to product it tends to get really messy because the fibres fall out of the tube.

So basically how this product works is you take it out and swipe it across your brows and that is exactly what I did. I find that it isn’t effected with just one swipe, I generally did have to swipe it a few more times to get results. When looking at it finished it gave of a very ashy look, which I do not like at all, so I dabbed on it with some makeup wipes to get rid of some of the product and it turned out fine.

Overall, I think this product is great for adding definition to sparse areas of the brows, but to use it to define the whole eyebrow it can look quite ashy and not very natural. The product is easy to use, nice packaging and a reasonable price.



That brings an end to my post today, let me know what your holy grail brow product is, I would love to try them out!


Fake Tanning Routine // Le Tan Review

Hey beautiful! Christy here,

We all know that sun tanning is horrible for your skin and overall wellbeing which is why I recommend avoiding it. This may be the reason you may choose to fake tan, or maybe it’s because you are lazy, don’t have time to suntan or just don’t tan easily and just burn. Personally, my relationship with fake tan is a love and hate. I mean I hate completing the steps of before and after tanning but I just love the look of a healthy sun kissed glow.

First of all, I am in no way shape or form anywhere near to being an expert, I just wanted to share my routine with you guys. These are the steps I do before, during and after fake tanning.


  1. Exfoliating – It is extremely important to exfoliate before fake tanning so that the dead skin will be removed and will not build up on your skin. It also leaves your skin feeling nice and smooth with that clean feeling we all love. ($4 exfoliating gloves from Target).
  2. Waxing or Shaving – If you do not wax or shave ignore this step, however most women tend to complete this step. I prefer shaving and just do it the way I usually do it. Obviously shaving or waxing after fake tanning will remove the tan from the skin which is why we do it before. (I usually use Gilette Venus Razors, but the one in the photo is not the current one I use, you guys probably don’t want to see a photo of my used razor)
  3. Moisturise – Just a simple step to help the fake tan glide on easily. (Any moisturiser)
  4. I usually fake tan at night after I shower so that if there is any noticeable smell of tan it has the chance to go away before the start of the day.
  5. Applying – Always use a mit, unless you want orange/green hands + they assist in creating a non-streaky tan. The type of self-tanning product is up to you however I prefer using gradual tan or a mousse. The products I use for my tanning routine change from week to week but I recently started using the Le Tan Fast Tan Instant Foaming Mousse in Dark Bronze. Today was my first time using the product. It is an olive based tan which I like, I just feel like it looks more natural. The mousse is very easy to apply and does not leave an unpleasant scent at all. I usually focus on my legs as my arms and shoulders are tanner than the rest of my body but wherever you feel needs a bit of tan just go for it! (
  6. Moisturise Again – If you want your tan to maintain its fantastic looking self, you must moisturise every day.
  7. Depending on the tanner you use and how you treat your skin the tan will last from 2-5 days. Once your tan starts to fade or look patchy, start over again!

Hope this post may have helped you out if you have never fake tanned before, however once again this may be the wrong way to self-tan but this is the way I do it and I am quite happy with the outcome. If you have any suggestions which I should add to my routine or even some products I should try out, I would love to know, just leave them in a comment and I’ll be sure to give them a try.

Lots of Love

Christy xoxo

Obsession of the Month | Ecoya + Glasshouse Candles

Hi guys! It’s Grace here.

Today I wanted to post about one of my new obsessions – candles! Specifically any from the brand Ecoya and Glasshouse. I’ve had Ecoya candles for a while now but I’ve never really had any Glasshouse until recently and – I’m totally in love with the brand.

The specific ones I have at home currently are ‘Sweet Pea & Jasmine by Ecoya’ and ‘Taaha Vanilla Caramel by Glasshouse’, and ‘French Pear by Ecoya’. I highly recommend either one of these scents as they are very nice and appealing to the senses. Even if these aren’t your fancy, there are so many different flavours to choose from and I love them all! The best thing about these fragrances is that they aren’t overboard, and don’t smell cheap or overdone, they’re just right.

For some people they can seem a bit pricey but trust me they are worth it, both brands have amazing products and when you count how long they last for, it is worth it. If you click on the links I’ve provided it will direct you to the websites for any info you need if you’d like to purchase anything.


The three products that I currently have right now are:

1. Sweet Pea & Jasmine Soy Melts by Ecoya priced at $19.95 


2. French Pear Madison Jar Candle by Ecoya priced at $39.95


3. Tahaa Vanilla Caramel Candle by Glasshouse (60g) priced at $18.95

IMG_6544 IMG_6564

Thankyou so much for reading dolls, I hope have enjoyed my post!

Love, Grace xoxo

What should we post about?

Hey lovelies !

Quick post today. Just curious about what you guys would like to see us post about. I mean we are posting for others to enjoy and find entertainment or information so it’s all about the public’s opinion!

We will be mainly posting about beauty, fashion and lifestyle, but if there is anything in particular you would like to see on our blog please let us know in a comment or in our poll on the contact page.

Lots of Love
Christy xoxo